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To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.   For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?
–Marcus Tullius Cicero

He who careth not from whence he came, careth little whither he goeth.
–Daniel Webster


November 2019: New Essay!
    ‘The Merkins Family: Connecting the Capehart and Terry Lineages’

October 2019: Major Revision
    ‘The Villwocks of Berrien County, Michigan’

October 2019: New Essay!
    ‘The Toulmin Family of Lancashire, England’

September 2019: Minor Revision: Essay with at-DNA evidence:
    ‘Thomas Tolman (1608-1690) of Dorchester, Massachusetts’

August 2019: The Much Anticipated, Revised Essay has been Posted.
    ‘Addendum 1. ‘Analysis of Y-DNA Markers Relevant to Thomas Terry of Bucks b 1653′

March 2019: New updated essay with at-DNA evidence!
    ‘Who was Henry Capehart (1756-1820) and who was his wife?

January 2019: New Essay!
    ‘Identification of William Thomas Shields (1859-1899)’

September 2018: New Expanded Essays with Major Revisions:
  ‘Five Generations of the Terry Family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania’
  ‘Addendum 2. Descendants of Thomas Terry (1711-1792) of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania’

August 2018: New Essays!
Three new explanatory essays were added under the ‘Tutorial’ tab:
        ‘about the essays…’
        ‘What you want/need to know about DNA/Y-DNA
        ‘The Dead have no Rights’

AND a new essay:
    ‘The Lott Family of Marion County, Mississippi’

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