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The Ancestry of Richard Chace Tolman (1881-1948)

PDF VERSION Version: 6 Jul 2015   The Ancestry of Richard Chace Tolman (1881-1948)   By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.      Richard Chace Tolman, a physical chemist and mathematical physicist, was one of the great American scientists of the 20th Century. The Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society honored him (1960) …

Thomas Tolman (1608-1690) of Dorchester, Massachusetts

PDF VERSION Version: 12 Sep 2019 Thomas Tolman (1608-1690) of Dorchester, Massachusetts By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.       This work is prompted by the fact that so many histories of this man and this time period have been published that are incomplete or contain incorrect lineages with deficient or absent sources.  A …

The Toulmins of Lancashire

PDF VERSION The Toulmin Family of Lancashire, England Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.    The American family and English origins of the immigrant Thomas Tolman/Touleman (1608-1690) are detailed in the accompanying essay ‘Thomas Tolman (1608-1690) of Dorchester, Massachusetts’. Also presented in that essay is some DNA evidence that his origin is Lancashire, England. The purpose of …


  1. I am a Toulmin by my maternal grandfather, living in the UK. I’d be interested to see whether there is any DNA matches to the people managing this section? I am London Toulmin but in 1680 from Westmoreland.

  2. Pleased to meet you, cousin. Unfortunately, I can’t really address your question. I really only have one good match, ‘donaldson92’ from Toronto and he maps to the south Lancashire Toulmins. Since you are also descended from the Lancashire branch (from Westmorland), we may have a Common Ancestor closer than Wm Toulmin b. abt 1560. Since I presume you live in London, you have the unique opportunity to visit the Society of Genealogists library there and look at George Humphrey’s ‘Catalogue of Toulmins’ (see #3 of 4 compiled histories). Because of the expense I have only copies of selected pages. You may find your 1680 ancestors there.
    I’d be very interested to know more about your Lancashire roots; I hope you will get back to me.

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