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Addendum 1. Analysis of Terry Y-DNA Markers

PDF VERSION 1 Sep 2016

Analysis of Y-DNA Markers Relevant to

Thomas Terry of Bucks b 1653

By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.1


     THE ESSAY WILL RETURN SOON…with corrections, additions and no linkrot.  

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  1. smterry15

    Hi Dick!

    I am the descendent of John Thomas Terry discussed above (dna kit 133275).Thank you for your analysis possibly linking him to David Terry. I have had no luck in making the link to the Terry’s of Bucks Co., so your analysis is a welcome addition to my research.

    I am always working to verify my tree, so if I come up with anything significant I will let you know.

    Thanks again! Mark

    1. admin

      …good to hear. I have more in progress that only needs a little more work before it can be published.

      1. smterry15

        I look forward to reading your report. Thank you

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