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About the essays…

PDF VERSION About the Essays…   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.        The essays on this website are ‘living’ essays, that is—as new information and sources become available or are discovered, the essays are updated to expand or correct information in them. For this reason informative comments are particularly welcome. A readily downloadable …

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DNA Discussion

PDF VERSION What you want or may need to know about DNA and Y-DNA   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.        Since most of what is available to read about Y-DNA is largely unintelligible to someone familiar with the science or so watered down so as to be totally useless, I thought I …

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The Dead have no Rights

PDF VERSION The Dead have no Rights   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.        Lots of people have said it, ‘The dead have no rights’,,, —except the right to be silent and to vote in Chicago. And it’s generally true—what people now dead have done or accomplished (physical things) can be owned and …

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  1. Papatee

    Dick – Received an email from a woman who says her brother and I match near perfectly on our Y-DNA results. His name is Lovett, and they hail from Bucks county. Their ancestor, Edmund Lovett and the 1653 Thomas Terry owned quite a bit of land next to each other. She says the Terry’s and Lovett’s were also near neighbors in England. She thinks it’s possible that the 1653 Thomas is the son of Thomas Terry b. 1624 in Chesham, Buckingham, England. She attached a sketch of the 1700 property lines which I assume is near Penn Manor in Bristol, PA.


    1. admin

      Patrick – this is terrific news! Maybe you are making some progress with your own lineage…I’ll be very interested to know more details. And about the Thomas Terry, b. 1624 in Chesham, I’ll get onto that right away. I have more information about the Terry’s English origins that I have written up yet as the work is incomplete, but I’m hoping to finish it this year.

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