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Useful FAQs

1. If you are here because a ‘Google’ search told you someone or something you are interested in is mentioned in one of these essays, you can read the essay on the website (all the references are at the end). For your convenience a link to the PDF is in the upper left-hand corner; in this version of the essay the sources are on the same page as footnotes; it is easily printed. In many ways this is a more useful form of the essay.

2. All essays are living documents; that is to say, they are updated when more information or corrected information is obtained. If you wish to know if an essay has new information in it since you last visited the site—look at the version date at the top right of each page of the PDF of that essay. If the current date is the same as the date you last looked at the essay—nothing has changed. When an essay is updated, the version date at the top of the PDF page will be changed.

3. You may visit the site and download essays ad nauseum. But to make a comment or correction—which is welcomed!—you must register as a user.

4. We accept other genealogical essays to be published on the site, but such essays must conform to the same standard of source documentation as the essays already published. All essays may not describe living individuals.

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