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Terry/Capehart History

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Five Generations of the Terry Family of Bucks County Pennsylvania

PDF VERSION Five Generations of the Terry Family of Bucks County Pennsylvania   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.   Figure 1. Bucks County East ca 1887 (from J. H. Battle, History of Bucks County (Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1985), reprint of the 1887 edition, p. 1b). Generation One     1. Thomas Terry, born about 1653 of …

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Addendum 1. Analysis of Terry Y-DNA Markers

PDF VERSION 1 Sep 2016 Analysis of Y-DNA Markers Relevant to Thomas Terry of Bucks b 1653 By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.        THE ESSAY WILL RETURN SOON…with corrections, additions and no linkrot.  

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Addendum 2. Descendants of Thomas Terry (1711-1792) of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

PDF VERSION Addendum 2. Descendants of Thomas Terry (1711-1792) of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.   Acknowledgement: The author is very grateful to Maria (Terry) Remley of Charleston, South Carolina for a profitable collaboration, material contributions and useful discussions.   This essay is a part (subdivision) of the ‘Five Generations of …

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Addendum 3. Descendants of John Terry (1713-1789) of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

PDF VERSION Descendants of John Terry (1713-1789) of Bucks County Pennsylvania By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.   Acknowledgement: The author is very grateful to Patrick A. Terry of Great Falls, Cascade, Montana and Laura Lovett of Larkspur, Marin, California for material contributions, useful discussions and editorial comments. Figure 1. Makefield Township, Bucks County in …

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The 19th Century Capeharts of Northern Philadelphia

PDF VERSION The 19th Century Capeharts of Northern Philadelphia   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.       For more than two centuries the Gebhardt family were Swiss—living in Rheinfelden in Canton Aargau and then Basel.  Early in the 18th century Heinrich Gebhardt (b. 1699; hereafter Heinrich1699) and his wife Maria Catharina Andreas of Solothurn …

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  1. lanilila

    Thank you so much for this information. My 2nd great grandmother was Sarah Alydia Terry Winsor, dau. of Thomas Sirls Terry II. There has been much shared in family books, on the history of our line to Thomas Terry b. 1653, though nothing as comprehensive as this.

    I appreciate knowing the details of David Terry’s removal to Ontario. I also am now scrubbing the web for information on his wife, Grace Davis, who pre deceased him by 10 years. I did not find her buried in the same cemetary, Gwillimbury, East Township, Ontario, rather buried in Chester Co. PA. (no source or citation for this.)

    Again, many thanks for your beautiful web site.

    Lani Davis (Lila)

    1. admin

      Your note was most gratifying. Thank you. I too have looked long and hard for more info abt Grace Davis and did not find her grave in either Ontario or Bucks (which does not mean it is not there). I figure she came from one of the two extended Davis families in Pennsylvania down by the Maryland line on either side of New London in Chester County, but I’ve not spent much time looking; she might be buried there as well. Good luck–let me know if you find anything good.
      I too am a descendant of Thomas Sirls Terry, cousin. You will be interested in the essay I am well into now…’The Capeharts of Northern Philadelphia’…I’ve been working a couple of years trying to straighten out the mess that is the published genealogy of this family.

  2. Papatee

    A person contacted me yesterday on Ancestry.com and gave me this link. Thank you! My line stays with the 3rd generation “John”, and that line stayed in Bucks through 1930, when my dad would move out to northern California. I passed this link on to Mike Terry, Terry DNA coordinator. He’s already posted it on the TERRY Facebook page.

    Patrick Terry
    Great Falls, MT

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comments. I am of course familiar with your name and tree from Ancestry and appreciate the good work you have done on the PA Terrys.
      Thanks also for passing on the information about the website to Mike Terry; it produced a big effect on the number of visitors to the site. But I couldn’t find where he posted it–can you pass on the URL to me?

      Dick Tolman, Incline Village, NV

  3. Papatee

    Dick….this is quite late, but didn’t realize you responded to my post and asked me a question. I just looked at the Terry DNA site and the message is still on there. The date was July 25, 2013.

    The Terry DNA page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/216287098393671/


    P.S. Is there still a Nevada Lodge close to your area? I bused tables there in the summer (early 70’s)

    1. admin

      Thanks, Patrick. I still can’t get in…it says there is ‘no content’…doesn’t matter. I need to address the question of where the Bucks Co. Thomas Terry came from. I’ve checked out all the other New England Terry families and pretty much ruled them out, except for the Long Island Terrys. I think DNA is our only recourse, but the stuff in the Terry Newsletter is tough to interpret because we don’t know the lineage of Terrys for whom we have DNA sequences.

  4. Papatee

    Dick – I sent you a message this morning, but it’s in the FAQ section. I can’t remember if you also have my email. It’s: papatee91@gmail.com

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