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Swank/deJarnat/Lott History

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DeJarnats of Virginia

PDF VERSION Descendants of Daniel deJarnatt (1713-1754) of Virginia and Allied Families(Johnson, Swinford, Monroe, Riegal, Williams)   By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.      In the course of a genealogical study of history, a pervasive and recurring theme is the vigorous, sometimes brutal persecution of non-Catholics by Catholic true-believers. It is a major motivation …

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The Swank Family Part 1

PDF VERSION   The Swank Family: Part 1 George Swank of Ohio in 1860   By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.        No less than NINE George Swanks mustered into Ohio units and fought in the Civil War (1860-1865). There was another George Swank born in Ohio, but he served in a Missouri …

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The Swank Family Part 2

PDF VERSION The Swank Family: Part 2 Origins and Descendency of George Swank (b. 1844) of Muskingum County Ohio   By Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.      The Swank name is German in origin (likely Schwenck) and is suggested to have descended from Hessian mercenaries hired by George III of England during the Revolutionary …

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The Lott Family of Mississippi

PDF VERSION The Lott Family of Marion County, Mississippi   Richard L. Tolman, Ph. D.        The Lotts were among the first settlers of Marion County, Mississippi about 1806; they came from Tattnall County, Georgia. They came to Georgia from Edgecombe County, North Carolina in the early 1760’s. Everyone pretty much agrees that …

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